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  1. davec426913
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    I used the Shapeways editor tool (see screenshot) to resize one of my products to see how it would print at 150%.
    There doesn't seem to be a way to reset the size. When I return to the resizing tool, it now says 100%, though it's still 150% larger than when I first created it.

    I don't really have the option of uploading it again fromt he original, a computer crash lost my originals.
    The Shapeways forum member that built them for me and might have the originals seems to have fallen off the face of the Earth - t least temporarily.

    I've considered simply resizing to 66.67% but I fear that will only be approximate. My product comes in multiple interlocking pieces, and have the absolute minimum tolerance for fit. Any change at all will cause them to slip or bind.

    I even tried logging out and back in. No joy.


  2. MrNibbles
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    I don't believe that resizing actually resizes the uploaded mesh. I think they just store the scaling factor and apply it to the uploaded model when it comes time to fabricating it. What you could try is to download the model and see if it's the original size either in a program or by re-uploading it as a new test model (so you don't inadvertently over-write the existing version). If and when you over-write the original model you will lose the print history. To be sure contact customer service and they would know for sure. They might also be able to reset the scaling factor behind the scenes for you if that's how they do it.
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  3. davec426913
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    Thanks. I did a form of this after all - but it is still a workaround.

    Since I needed some modifications anyway, I downloaded the file, made the changes and uploaded it as a new item. The new one has the original dimensions. But it also means I know have absolute dimensions in micrometers, so I can go back set my original that way and it should be exact.

    I've contacted Shapeways about it but haven't heard back.
  4. MrNibbles
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    BTW, as far as I know the only action that alters the uploaded file is the use of the wall thickener tool.