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    Good Day!

    I am writing to request a quote for a 3-D modeling file that can be sent to Shapeways for production.

    A drawing is attached. The material thickness should be 1/4". The material will be ceramic. The basic shape is a cylider that is open on one end, and closed on the other.

    Please let me know if you need any more information. I look forward to receiving your quote!

    Thank you,

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    Ceramics are charged by Price Per cm2: $0.18/cm2 surface area.
    Up to max bounding box size of 400mm x+y+z
    The size you want is 203.2 + 203.2 + 152.4 = 558.8 mm. Surface area is 2479.77 cm2
    I have uploaded the file anyway. Maybe you can get it printed elsewhere.

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