Request: "do not rotate" flag for prints

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    Hey guys, i've been happily printing out models for a few weeks now, and I'm very pleased with your service...tho waiting 2 weeks for a shipment is often maddening :)

    Most of my models have been product designs so far. They are modeled with low clearances so they can fit together tightly, but my parts aren't always printed with the same orientation. This can affect how the pieces interact with each other when assembled.

    I'd like another checkbox in the model options to request they not be rotated from their default orientation. Being able to reliably print hinges so they rotate along the printer's z axis would ensure 100% round features not subject to the slight flattening (or stretching) in the Z axis.

    I realize this would cause some inconvenience with packing the models in the build volume, but I really enjoy making useful stuff with your service and the reliability would be much appreciated..

    thanks for the WSF discount and your awesome service,
  2. Baalrog
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    Just saw robert's post about the same thing, the checkbox I suggested and inherent model orientation would take care of flagging the model and determining what direction is up.

    The only other issue I can see is how the person packing the models into the build volume can visually tell what items are meant to be left alone.

    Would there be any issue with including an "up arrow" or other visual identifier geometry in our file that's too flat/thin to print but still shows up in wireframe/shaded on your system? We could surround the item with a wireframe box (volumes that look like edges of the box) to indicate that it shouldnt be rotated
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