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    [ Trying Alternative Method now ]

    Hopefully a rather simple request of bending a left and right foot to fit high-heel shoes. I can't figure it out, too new to all this and just started a new hobby with resin printing so I already have a ton to catch up with.

    I was hoping I could find a program where I could grab the 3D model and start dragging / bending it.

    So the straight feet need to be a sort of S-form. If any money is involved I would like to have the ball and the cylinder attached as in the pictures.


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  2. joie
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    The question is, Do you need this to be anatomically accurate?
    If yes, then this is a sculpting project.
    If no, then use whatever bend tool you have in your 3D software, pretty much any software has one.
  3. Tiriaq
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    Hello and thank you for your reply. It would be nice if they were anatomically correct but close to it would do if it looks good in a shoe.

    Could you give me some examples of what programs / tools in them can do that? So far I've only seen mostly items that had to be created and bent or very difficult things with making a path. I don't know if the STL is fit for using it like that and I don't know how to cut it into many pieces so it can be bent better.

    I'm good with Photoshop and other stuff but this 3D in all those years I just can't get it done. I probably have to start from the very beginning, learn to sketch and extrude but that would be months away and right now I've mixed up white and pink to see if the color comes close to my dolls skin.

    Thanks in advance.
    Kind regards.
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    PM sent ;)
  5. 8_Perf
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    You might be better off trying something like DAZ 3d which is made for animating what is called a "rigged" model. They are used primarily for people and animals. Not sure how the export would go, likely as an OBJ file, but thats easily convertable. Last I checked, the basic program was a free download and comes with some really good starter models of both men and women.