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  1. mrSeanG
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    I collect japanese toys and have a repair / repro job I need done.

    It's a simple antenna accessory I need recreated to exact specification.

    It goes on a jumbo machinder. the character's name is Robocon.

    I can send you the original broken piece, as long as you can send it back. From here I'd like it output and then have it chrome plated.

    I need the output to be VERY clean and finished.

    This reproduction is ALL about accuracy. No liberties or "improvements" are to be taken.

    A knowledge of 1970's diecast and plastic japanese character toy design is preferred. Particularly a knowledge of Popy brand items.

    my email is sean AT if you'd like to discuss.


    Sean Gallagher

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  2. mrSeanG
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    BAROBA New Member
    Hello Sean,

    I think I can help you out :)
    Check out my shop for work-examples. I already got many satisfied costumers that were very pleased with my work.
    I can make an exact reproduction of the model you want.
    I will PM you for my estimate.


  4. fabrice974
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    i can help if you want
    pm me