Repairing in Netfabb Basic

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  1. Leothedog
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    I'm looking to all you experienced guys for a little help, pleas.

    I've been having some initial success modelling in Sketchup and uploading to Shapeways. However, as I become a little more adventurous, a few errors have crept in and some uploads have been unsuccessful. This has led me to export the *.dae file to Meshlab, thus converting the file to *.STL.This then leads me to open the STL file in Netfabb Basic so that I can effect the necessary repairs. The problem that I'm having is that I don't seem to be able to save or export the resulting repaired file in anything other than a *.fabbproject file - which Shapeways doesn't recognise as a legitimate type for uploading.
    Surely there's a simple solution to this without investing in Netfabb Professional at what for me is a prohibitive cost?

    Please Help!

  2. stop4stuff
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    To save a file from NetFabb Basic as an stl, highlight the model (part) in the context area to the right, then from the top menu, click on [Part]. This drops down a menu, where you can Export Part.