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Discussion in 'Bug Reporting' started by ryanscav, Sep 1, 2016.

  1. woodguy32
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    This issue been a over a year now.. maybe more..thought they had it fixed.. worked ok a while back... No support here.. No answers.. and no I am not going reload al my models to make a things sort of work..

    Post my own images.. but as soon as a customer looks thru the options everything in weird directions...makes for a very sloppy shop that the public thinks twice about purchasing..

    the bug is bugging

  2. 3dNavy
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    Are there any news regarding this topic?
  3. southernnscale
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    It would be nice if the render didn't start till the material was selected and it could be set the way you wanted it to appears before making the pose! Most of the time it looks like it take the side that doesn't have much detail and then when changed, the render becomes smaller in the pose! When you reset the pose and click render. I have had this happen a lot to!
  4. Foxworks
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    I try to remember to always adjust the positioning for rendering before I add any of the materials in which I want my models to be available. But sometimes I forget and just work through the page from top to bottom. This means that I will have to wait until the renders for all the materials have finished before I can edit the orientation, and then the system will have to render all materials again. Maybe it would work better if the render orientation was positioned above the material options in the item editor page?
  5. FJF130
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    Not satisfactory at all. A fix for this issue is way over due since years! I do not understand how Shapeways can tolerate this. This is driving designers away from Shapeways sooner or later. Maybe it is just a question of hiring the right IT specialists that can build an IT application in the required quality.
  6. PoshFrosh
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    Driving designers away? Perhaps if there were some decent competition the 3D-printing-as-a-service market (I wish).
  7. I'm still having this problem and I only signed up today. I know everybody knows about this bug already, but I'm resurrecting this thread to express my frustration so Mr. Shapeways knows that it is seriously overdue to be fixed.
  8. kingtoy10
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    I am not sure if this is the right thread or not. The last two models I uploaded have not finished their process yet. I can not tell if they work because they won't render so I can see where to make adjustments. I need some resolution for this ASAP.
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  10. MagCAD
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    I've always had a bit of an issue with generating renders but have always eventually been able to overcome it.

    I've now got a product that simply wont generate new renders, whatever position I move it to. I click generate and it says they're rendering, wait patiently, but eventually the "rendering" text disappears and the images haven't changed.

    I've removed the item from my store and repeated, no difference.

    Happy to create a new thread if easier. Appears from this thread to have been a long time problem.

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  11. DrysdaleWorks
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    I'm having this problem, where I can't get the render to update after choosing a model orientation and selecting "generate renders" just keeps the original images generated when materials were selected. Very frustrating.
  12. platonicgems
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    It looks like SW completely ignores this issue and this thread. They are probably too busy with updating new pricing algorithms :)
  13. atelier_jet
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    Having rendering/preview problems both on my items and on other people's items using my test account on another system. If I add the item to my shopping cart and try to preview it just sticks at "Your preview will be up in just a minute..."