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    I made a small model in Sketchup 8. I export it as a dae. There is only one component in the model. It is a small knob with a llama on it. The knob previews fine, but there is no llama. If I preview the dae in finder, I see the llama. If I import the dae into a new sketchup document, the llama is there. When I upload to shapeways... no llama.

    I attached the preview I see in shapeways as well as the dae.

    Any help would be appreciated.

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    Thats awesome and thank you very much. I need to do this type of thing again though. Is there a simple explanation for what I did wrong?

    Thanks again,
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    You had holes in your model and inverted normals.
    It would be easier if you exported your model as an STL file. Here's a link
    Open it in which is free.
    Once in Netfabb you can see the red exclamation mark, which means it needs repairing. Click on the red cross.
    What you see now is holes in your model 'yellow lines' and inside out faces 'coloured red' which are inverted normals.
    An Automatic repair will fix most of the issues, if not all for some models. Click Apply repair.
    Goto Part - Export Part - as STL a screen will appear click on Repair then Export
    This should be OK to upload as it is, even with six shells. If you still can't fix your files upload them to this is free as well.