Removing Printing Powder from WSF

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    I had an object printed that is quite like a morel - inside it's hollow and the morel holes connecting to the outside are about down to 1 mm.
    (it's this one:

    So the Shapeways Airgun cannot blow out all the powder. I had some fun with the following experimentum:

    -Pouring some loose powder in a glass of water: it swims up and makes clusters - no way to simply wash it out!
    -Adding some detergent: it fairly seems to "dissolve" in water.

    So I did some picking, poking, drenching, and shaking and it seems I got rid of quite a lot of the powder - just one hr fun or so ;)

    For the rest I found a place to use an enforced pressure water jet that did the preliminary finish.

    Although this fairly works I'd be curious if somebody else found a way to comfortably and efficiently get rid of "stuck" powder.


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  2. TomZ
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    I once used a tooth cleaning water jet to get rid of some stubborn powder.

    As a side note, I use boiling soapy water to get rid of powder that isn't actually trapped but does still need removal (usually, the objects are still quite powdery when I receive them).
  3. Schmiegel
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    Thank you TomZ,

    tried that too but it all did leave the powder in place where it was stuck somewhat hidden.

    The finally best result for the object in question I achieved with some patience and a semi direct wood based rod average distance bendable multiple acting fur device - aka paintbrush, poking, and twisting. With the brush I also was able to remove the powder from areas that weren't reachable directly (but close to that).

    So this is no help if the powder in deep inside a structure, but for all areas close to where you can see, I would recommend a (small) brush.

    Well, not really HiTec and maybe a reader's first thought - just wanted to share anyway as sometimes the simple things don't come to mind in time ...
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