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    It's never good when we lose a community member, especially when it's one like our dear friend Ovidiu Opresco. If any of you were wondering, like me, what has happened to the witty old designer, we were recently informed that he passed away last month. He was an inspiration to many with his designs, presentation, and determination. Wouldn't it be great if we all were blessed with such drive and passion for creation!

    To many of us in the Shapeways community, he was a bit of a marvel. He had a passion about him, and a willingness to learn, contribute, and innovate. Something that, at his age, was truly inspirational.

    Fortunately the story of Opresco doesn't end there. His son, Mihnea, will be taking over his fathers shop. To not only continue selling Ovidiu's work, but to complete some of his unfinished work, and hopefully continue on. We, at Shapeways, have offered to help in any way that we can. And I know that our community will at least be equally helpful in his endeavour to maintain the memory of his father on Shapeways.

    Mihnea left us with these words about his father:

    Some of you may know that Ovidiu was a stuntman when he was young. The stuntmen say: "If you fall from a horse, it doesn't matter - jump on to the next larger one." Ovidiu (a.k.a. Tororo) took this way of thinking about problems and used it to make 3D designs and other work in his life.
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    As Mike expressed, Ovidiu was an amazing member of our community and an inspirational designer.

    I remember when we completed the InShape 2.0 project at Shapeways I announced it to the community that we had "kicked a goal" and he designed a Dutch clog/soccer shoe for me as a congratulations.


    Though I never met him in person, I did an interview with Ovidiu last July which was posted on our blog: ht-Ovidiu-Opresco.html

    You may have noticed that our homepage today is displaying all of his works, as a quiet homage. I hope you find his work as inspiring as I do.
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    R.I.P. Ovidiu...
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    R.I.P. Ovidiu

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    Farewell Ovidiu... Your designs always made me smile. My favorite was the Beer Ring - I've shown that video often during presentations and always got a great response from the audience.


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    This is really, really sad :( I followed Olvidu on twitter and really enjoyed seeing him upload designs. What a great guy, with an amazingly positive attitude.
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    That's very sad news... He will be missed, such an inspiring creator.
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    Words still escape me :cry:

    Oh Ovidiu.. You were such an inspiration and with such an impressive career!
    Loved your awesome designs, hilarious videos and overall mind-set :)
    Really gonna miss you dude!
    Rest in peace.
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    Very sad news. Being new to shapeways I came across Ovidiu while browsing the site and enjoyed seeing "this old guy" making cool stuff. After looking at his photo I thought he seemed like quite a character. I also read about him at his Designer Spotlight page and was surprised that in his younger days he was a stunt man :eek: . He will be missed by many I'm sure. Rest in Peace. :)
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    Ovidiu showed us how to live. A life should be spent moving, changing, learning, growing, experimenting, and always creating. We should all strive to maintain that vitality as long and as well he did.

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