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  1. Oblivion
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    Hey everyone,
    I have a brief question. I am working on a little ring (I'll post a picture when concept ready....) that i'ld like to give away as a piece of jewelery....
    The shapes on the outer diameter of the ring will be elevated 0,5 mm. I will polish the ring, but will only polish the shapes that stick out the 0,5 mm...
    This way the shapes should end up nice and shiny, and the rest of the ring more dull...
    My question is, this 0,5 mm is that enough? Should it be more, or can it be less?? The ring outer diameter (on which the shapes are) will be approx 10 to 12 mm... Can somebody give me advise on what layer thickness and accuracy shapeways can achieve?? Material: stainless steel, porcelain ( or, if needed plastic...).
    Merci a lot.
  2. stonysmith
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    That'll never work in ceramic.. the glaze they apply as a final coat can be as thick as 1mm by itself.. very fine details like you're mentioning won't be seen.