Release of Markup Wizard Delayed By 1 Day

Discussion in 'Official Announcements' started by ana_xyz, Sep 27, 2011.

  1. ana_xyz
    ana_xyz New Member
    Hey everyone,

    After speaking with our engineering team, the CSV-based Markup Wizard is going to be released, on Thursday at 9am, slightly later than we'd first planned.

    I know many of you are waiting patiently to get your hands on it, so I wanted to be sure to fill you all. Please bear with us just a few extra hours.


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  2. stonysmith
    stonysmith Well-Known Member Moderator
    9am Australia Eastern Time will be fine!! <GRIN>

    And, yes, I'm sure you meant US-EDT. <grin>

    It's better to have it right than have it early and broken. Take your time.
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  3. tebee
    tebee Well-Known Member
    The only problem I have with the delay is it's getting very near the time of the price change.

    Don't leave us a lot of time to work out how to use it, workout what formula we want to use for the markup, code the spreadsheet, fix our code(repeat as necessary), check the results and change all our mark-ups.

  4. virtox
    virtox Active Member Moderator
    It would be very useful, if we could temporarily take down all for sale models with the flick of a checkbox!
    A simple override on the sale status should be easy enough?

    This would gives us some extra time while we catch up on fixing descriptions and markups.

  5. tebee
    tebee Well-Known Member
    I see it's now live !

    one thing I've instantly seen is some models that are available in all materials that should not be and some that should be in categories that are not.

    So even if I don't use it for the mark-up,it let me see those errors in my shop setup and has earned it's keep in my book.