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    Since I'm very often give some critical comments I have also to transport a positive story.

    Recently I had an issue with another printing provider:
    - Case 1
    - The customer claimed that something was missing and documented that via pics
    - Other provider's service desk claimed that that was caused by a wrong (!!!!) 3d mesh
    - So no refund and no reprint possible
    Case 2
    - Claim about printing quality documented via pictures
    - So far no solution

    To be honest the politic from Shapeways is more customer friendly and straight forward:
    - the manual checks ensure that the customer gets printed what he sees
    - although the rejections are painful for us designers and also for the buyer it ensures that
    - if there's a misprint so far I never have heard that the customer does not get a refund (has myself the situation some days ago)
    - if there is a design problem Shapeways disables the selling for this material and asks the designer for a correction