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  1. RedFish
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    I've browsed the "Modelers For Hire" threads and viewed several impressive portfolios. i didn't find an example similar to my concept.
    I did find a statement about working from sketches on napkins that fits the bill since what I have is little more than that.
    The attached picture shows where my idea began. I want to back light the block letter text on the instrument bezel in my car.
    The raised fonts have a profile of only 1/32" X 1/32". Overall thinkness that light would pass through is appox. .7/32"
    The matte black field needs to be a shell or nearly complete incasement of approx. .003 in wall thickness. Crisp detail and smooth finish is a must. Areas such as the triangle in the A would need a perminent bond of black over white material.
    Your input is greatly appreciated, Ben

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  2. stonysmith
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    What diameter are you looking for?
  3. RedFish
    RedFish New Member
    the fields are rectangles. of different sizes.
    Smallest is 3/16' X 13/16". Largest approx. 1" X 7".
  4. Youknowwho4eva
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    I moved this to 3d modeler needed so you'll get more responses.
  5. RedFish
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    My post wasn't really worded correctly for this section .
    Properties of the materials is my first concern.
    i would like for this to be my front burner project for this winter but.. I need to know if what I want to do is considered possible before I invest time and money in modeling. Cutting samples from the bezel for a modeler to work off of will scrap a part that is quite valuable. Meanwhile other worthy projects lay idle.. Hope you understand. Thanks, Ben
  6. RedFish
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    160 views without disapointing.
  7. mctrivia
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    0.003" = 0.0762mm none of the materials at shapeways are capable of walls this thin.

    Can you backlight a material? yes FUD would work pretty good with LED backlighting.
  8. RedFish
    RedFish New Member
    My suggestion of .003 was my minimum desired.
    Painting the black is a very difficult and time consuming chore when restoring the OEM bezels. Creating in 2 colors deletes that chore. Scratches through paint would allow the light to show through also.

    So what is the minimum wall thickness ?
    The material I'm most intrested in is acrylic photopolymer. Can black be dispenced over the transparent and is a perminant bond black to transparent created ?
    Maybe the part should be printed upside down. Maybe a interlock shape incorperated to hold the black and transparent together.

    LED is considered my last resort today. I hope to use fiber optics to transport light from a single source.
    Thanks for the reply too.
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  9. mctrivia
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  10. RedFish
    RedFish New Member
    I've looked at the materials and examples. Haven't found answers to all of my questions concerning 2 color construction there.
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  11. RedFish
    RedFish New Member
    Ok folks, I just got a email reply from Shapeways saying that 2 colors of material in one part is not possible. Maybe i should have assumed that from the examples shown. I will not give up though.
    Plan B is to model the black and string frame those areas that appear unattached such as the triangle in the block letter A the the middle of an O, etc..
    The translucent white material would be poured ( most likely by hand ) as a second operation.
    So who wants to design the 3D models for the black ?
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  12. rawkstar320
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    Hi Redfish,

    This project sounds really interesting and I can help you with the 3D design part. I will send you a PM with a few more details and maybe we can chat about the project sometime.

    And feel free to check out my website and portfolio in the meantime!

    Jake D

  13. RedFish
    RedFish New Member
    Reverting back to acrylic polymer poured to silicone molds to recreate the bezel's switch labels for this project.
    I'll still need to design the back piece(s) with means of attaching the acrylic portion and ports for the fiber optic strands to enter with some means of retaining those so they cant be pulled out. 3D printing may be the " method to the madness " there. Time will tell. Wish me luck :).