Recurring problem - Too many polygons

Discussion in 'Technologies and Hardware' started by bvicarious, Feb 11, 2009.

  1. bvicarious
    bvicarious New Member
    I've had this happen before with more complex models, but I just tried uploading a model with 237,390 triangles in the scene and Shapeways is telling me it is over the limit of 500,000. Should I send the file to someone to look at?

    Also, the email says this, in part:

    Would one possible solution to this be for Shapeways to create an offline, client-side application that we can run our files through before submitting them to the site? Let us take some of that processing time off your servers, and send clean, ready-to-print files that exceed the limits you currently have in place. Is this feasible/desirable on your end?

  2. WetMorgoth
    WetMorgoth New Member
    We have recently found some issues with our handling of collada files that are much smaller than 500K triangles, there should be a fix in place very shortly. If it is X3D or STL uploads then we're correctly detecting the triangle counts.

    One thing to check with modeling software is that many report "faces", not "triangles". A lot of faces end up being decomposed to more than one triangle. Eg quads are actually 2 triangles. As such, your limit is much reduced when building non-triangle models.
  3. bvicarious
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    Thanks for the tips, I'll upload an STL and see if that works. Maya reports 107,826 faces, 237,388 triangles so it must be the collada bug. Damn, and I really liked that format.
  4. ganter
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    Try Meshlab (it's free for the download). It has filters
    for various types of triangle reduction algorithms.
    They are some of the best I've seen in practice. Also,
    it allows you to save as a PLY file which is much smaller
    than STL (if Shapeways will take this format).