Re Writing The Prusa Firmware

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    I have a prusa MK2S 3d printer with the 4 color upgrade and a mini Rambo board. I have followed the Matterhackers How to flash the firmware and rewrite it. I know that messing with the firmware is fatal so I must be very careful before I re-touch and re-load any firmware on my 3d printer.
    I have some questions which are unlear in my mind.
    The arduino software has several tabs on top.

    There is a missing tab which should read prusa.h and I believe this is in the prusa`s configuration which should be the contents of a prusa.h tab. This I need to know.

    What tabs in the aduino software are produced by the printer manufacturer?
    Which tabs exist in the basic adruino software and are changed by the printer manufacturer?

    The printer manufacturer compiles the firmware and presents it for unloading by the printer owner.... How do I know that I have the correct raw file?

    what do I want to achieve?
    Basically I need to introduce some changes in my firmware....
    I want to make sure that I do not have a firmware without the latest changes by the manufacturer.
    I need the latest firmware, make the necessary changes and upload it on my printer without loosing any of the features it has.
    any help or clairfication appreciated.
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    You will probably have much more luck in a manufacturer forum, (sub)reddit or some site dedicated to FDM printing rather than in the customer forum of a 3D printing service...