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Discussion in 'Customizable Products & Design' started by nakamura_shop, Dec 9, 2012.

  1. nakamura_shop
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    Hi,i'm a creator and i have a problem,maybe i don't know the correct mode to use co-creator settings,or maybe co-creator mode have a "limit" and i need to understand.

    Everyday i have to re-upload the same files; look the sample link medium-sizes-16-to-22.html?li=my-models&key=8b671fc6e0ea 12b1cb215d3bfec640c8

    this ring have 7 different sizes,but everyday my co-creator to do list is full of upload request for the same sizes...At first I thought that after loading each model of each measure for the first time, I would not have had to do it again but this not happen.

    Is possible to do what i'm talking about?

    another question, i can't know who buy my items,i know only the username of users from co-creator to do list. For me it would be very useful for market research

  2. bartv
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    Hi gt4president,

    if the only parameter is the ring size, then you'd probably be better off by creating different models in your shop and adding a clear description with some links. We currently don't offer the model file re-use that you describe.

    We're not sharing customer information for privacy reasons. Of course this data would be very valuable to shopowners, so we're looking into what kind of info we CAN share with you.


  3. nakamura_shop
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    thanks for your answer,i understand the reason. upload different models for the same item will be comfortable for me but disfunctional for the shop,i'll continue to re-upload files every time someone buy my items,thanks