Re-ordering of rejected models

Discussion in 'Customizable Products & Design' started by vaclavmazany, Mar 6, 2013.

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    From time to time Shapeways changes it's strict rules for the 3d printing process, which is kinda normal. But when this happens and someone orders the model, which gets rejected (it doesn't actually matter, if it's because of this), even when it was printed several times before. I know this was discussed here in the Forums already many times.
    But, can't you (Shapeways) contact the designer (me), before you cancel the order and issue a refund ? I'm talking about co-creators which were printed already before. This is actually driving me nuts, as I have to contact the customer, he has to reorder it and so on.
    I mean, I have 4 days to complete the order - because it's a co-creator, but you cancel the order strait away. Why not contact me, send me the screenshots with the issues, I will send / re-send the STL model, you'll check it and we WON'T BOTHER the customer with this stupid process of him re-ordering stuff.
    One way or another, you still do check the model everytime I resubmit it, the price stays the same (it's a co-creator), there's plenty of time to finish the updated model (it's a co-creator), so what's the point in cancelling the orders and pushing customers to reorder it?
    Again, I'm talking about model (co-creator), which WAS printed before, but rules changed from that time.