Rc Wr8 Lightpod 3d Printer

Discussion in 'RC Cars, Boats and Planes' started by cinbat, Jul 17, 2018.

  1. cinbat
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    hello wr8 how can i get drawing file for lightpod 3d printer
  2. kaadesign
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    Can you describe in more detail what you want?
  3. cinbat
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    Is this product's stl file for 3d printing?
  4. cinbat
    cinbat Member
    wr8 lightpod
  5. DanyaOray
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    Hi..its not clear that what you are looking for. I discovered that my feel for what is going to fly well, had really changed from the days of Top Flite scale models and other balsa airplanes from the 70's and 80's and been replaced with the "must be light as a feather" that the foamies have given me.

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  6. cinbat
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  7. cinbat
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    I didn't understand the subject