Rc Truck Suspension

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  1. Does anyone have any experience with 3D printed RC suspension parts? I have a truck I would like to make some front A-arms for, but I don't know if the plastic would handle the type of off road driving I do with the truck.
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    pet-g becomes with flament
  3. ? What I'm really wondering is how good would Shapeways plastic be, because that is the only 3D printing available to me.
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    PC (Polycarbonate) Filament The PC is the most powerful filament and can be an alternative to ABS because its properties are quite similar. Nylon Filament Nylon has excellent mechanical properties and has the best impact resistance, especially for an inelastic filament. However, there may be problems with the adhesion of the layers.PETG Filament PETG is a slightly softer polymer with interesting and additional properties with less disadvantages. ABS Filament When high temperature resistance and high toughness are required, ABS is generally preferred. PLA Filament PLA is the easiest polymer to print and provides good visual quality. Very solid and actually quite strong, but very fragile.
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