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    I was thinking about the rating system and had a few questions and ideas about it. I started thinking that maybe, there could be separation between ratings from a user that ordered the model versus a user that just wanted to give it a rating.

    I dont really have a good idea on how these would be separated or if it would even work, but Im kind of interested in the situation that someone could upload an awesome model with some mediocre renderings and get a 2 star rating. Then, someone else buys the model and thinks its awesome and gives it a 5 star rating. This kind of puts you at a funky average. Unless the person who purchased the model leaves a comment, you dont really know much about who liked it because they now have it and who just liked the pictures of it.

    Again, this is just a random thought I had as I was browsing the Gallery.
  2. Magic
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    Yes, you are right. I think this has already be mentionned before. And perhaps we should give some incentives for people having ordered a model to comment and rate it (like in e-Bay).

    Another strange thing, according to me, is that a model that receives 5 stars 9 times and 4 stars once has a smaller rating than a model that received 5 stars only twice, for example...
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    Yeah, I dont think it truly represents the actual rating of the model. I do think people should be able to rate it before purchasing the model in some way though, because if no one rates it highly, it wont show up in the first pages of the gallery and no one buys it, therefore no one rates it (and so on and so on)

    But I like the ebay style thing. If after someone purchased an item they could not only rate the seller, but the model. (or maybe just the model..)
    Was it Cool?
    Did it work like they said?
    Would you recommend others purchase this?

    something like that.
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    The system is a bit vulnerable to those who wish to drive down a model's rating for no reason.

    For instance, I have four sizes of the same model up in my shop. All were in the fives. Then, someone comes along and tacks a 1 to all of them, driving down their rating, and killing my access/notoriety in the search system. What gives? Where's the accountability to come into someone's shop, thrown a bunch of 1s at someone's entire stock of product, and then waltz away?

    If Shapeways is to become something commercially viable, where artists and creators can make a living, that ability to make a living shouldn't be endangered by people who can randomly torpedo your efforts, or at least say why the model is sub-par.

    Feedback or vesting process that identifies or involves the rater should be attached to the ratings, or it should go away.

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    Indeed, there is another topic on this issue somewhere.

    Ah here it is

    Called him/her/it the "gallery-slasher" ;)
    Dooms models to the 4-star graveyard and below :p

    Most models with a 5 star rating, sooner or later get hit by this effect.

    So know, you're not alone,
    but it is still a big pain in the 3d-printed-buttocks.

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    Thanks for the link. Both very appropriate terms. Perhaps we can add "gallery-driveby" to the nomenclature as well :cool: