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  1. ttbahner
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    Hi Shapeways staff
    otherwise it has always calculates the converted dollar in euros. Since the dollar had risen, the price now it always shows the same price in euros although the course of time is even better. Why now the rate has stagnated? :(
  2. natalia
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    Hi there!

    Our website is in US Dollars, and we convert to Euros. We have always updated the conversion rate manually once a month (on the 1st). We do this unless the currency jumps dramatically, then we update it more often to be accurate.

  3. ttbahner
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    Vielen Dank. :)
  4. stop4stuff
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    In this established era of global commerce the buyer should have the choice (as always was before on Shapeways) to choose what currency they wish to use. PayPal has no restrictions on currency, why did Shapeways change?


    [edit]Typos and to add - Please don't use 'location' excuses for currency :confused
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