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  1. swirlingbrain
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    Here's my Raspberry Pi Case Bottom. There's a top also but I ordered it later so it should come soon. This hopefully will fit a Raspberry Pi computer board. It looks like the dimensions came out right. I've already made a change to the model for the sd card to fit underneath and uploaded. You can see the changes by viewing the uploaded model. I will probably just get a dremmel tool and make the same changes to this printed model. Now I just need the top of the case and a board to see if it all fits!

  2. rcshop
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    So, do you have one of those Rasperry Pis? Ironic, that this case probably costs more than the board is supposed to cost. :eek:

    All I see from googling it is the board on sale, in Ebay for almost $3000. Some people are just crazy.
  3. swirlingbrain
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    Nope, I don't have a board yet. I can't afford the several hundred or thousands that people are auctioning for it so far. Yep, that is pretty crazy but generous for those who can afford to donate so much. I'll have to wait until it drops to their normal for sale price.

    I think there will be two models, an A version which will cost $25 that doesn't have an Ethernet port and will have half of the memory, and a B which will cost $35 that has an Ethernet port and more memory. I'm wanting the one with the Ethernet port. So for that board, the case should be less at least. You're right that it is ironic that for the cheaper board at least it would be more for the case than the board. In ether (ahem) case it's a bummer that the case has to cost so much. I can't ultimately control the total cost for the model since Shapeways isn't a cheap service so don't hold me largely to blame for that. I am happy with their quality, tho.

    Since I don't have a board yet, I'm sort of trying to go by what dimensions they have published and what pictures that have been taken and shared on their site. I won't know if it's correct until I actually get a board, but I hope I'm as close as I can be. I figure there will ultimately have to be some adjustments when I get a board and actually see how well it fits.
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  4. rcshop
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    Well, I noticed that you have both a top and bottom to your case. If you stacked them one on top of the other and send one stl file, the cost will go down. Check shop for some examples of that.
  5. swirlingbrain
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    Thanks. I already have the two combined into one file, I just need to make some sort of connecting rods. I should have that done and uploaded soon. Like you said, hopefully that will bring down the cost since there's a discount for volume quantity.
  6. swirlingbrain
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    I have uploaded a model that has both the top and bottom connected by connectors. It doesn't save that much in price but it does cut it down by a little more than a dollar as compared to buying both the top and bottom separately.
  7. swirlingbrain
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