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  1. Dinsmore_James
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    Hello 3d enthusiasts!

    James here with Dinsmore & Associates INC. We are located in sunny Southern California. Dinsmore & Associates has been helping people take concepts from napkin to production since 1999. We have worked with everybody from large design firms, medical Rp labs, aerospace, inventors, and artist. Have and idea? Have a design you want to see printed in 3d? Let us see what we can do to earn your trust!

    We offer:

    Rapid Prototyping (SLA®, FDM®, SLS®, DMLS® & Polyjet™) <<<<<< Think of these as all 3d printing
    Product Design & DevelopmentCNC
    Mold Tooling: Rapid Aluminum Tooling,Injection Molding Metal Casting and Rapid Metal FabricationRTV Molding & Plastic Casting

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  2. Smugsly1
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    May I call or email you regarding a design project?

    I'm seeking a designer who can work on site in Manhattan for the first project, them remote for other projects.

    Projects include:

    - novel water bottle concept

    - cobra belt buckle

    - glasses

    - skull mask

    Please reply to smugsly1@gmail.com


  3. Dinsmore_James
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    Sent you an email.. I look forward to hearing more about your projects.