Railroad Vehicle Drawing job

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    Making a set of FUD N scale(1/160) trains.
    You will be given with photos and exemplary 3ds files for your ease of drawing.


    Go to



    This is Microsoft Sky Drive link, not some weird website and every file in the web drive is virus free.

    Check out the images, and a text file to understand the prototypical information.

    Then Check out these three folders

    DMU, Coach, Coach 2

    There are three types of cars that you will make, A cab locomotive car in DMU folder, a standard coach in Coach folder, and Restaurant car in Coach 2. You have 3DS file for your ease of drawing and S file and ace textures for Microsoft Train Simulator that you can see the design using the accompanied 'S file viewer' in the other folder. YOU WANT TO CHECK OUT S FILE USING S FILE VIEWER TO CHECK OUT THE TEXTURED 3D IMAGE OF TRAIN BECAUSE 3DS FILE HAS NO TEXTURE APPLIED WITHIN IT. This is provided for your reference and you are free to use in your discretion. I acquired the freedom of the use from the original author.

    Those 3DS file as well as S files are not intended to use for 3D printing directly, so their quality is so poor.

    You may have to do draw all the major details to be printed whereas the original s file has textured details not real details to be printed.
    However, the out line drawing of those 3DS file is quiet good. You will learn it if you check out the s file using s file viewer.

    After consulting these, msg me your price of making complete N scale shalls (no need to include the truck, bottom frames or any inside object but only shalls) or e-mail me your price directly to tgis.excellency@gmail.com with your portfolio.

    I do not answer the request to file everything to your emails because files are large so it's efficient to use Microsoft Skydrive.

    I've already done similar project, but I didn't like the outcome so I want to do it again with more data collected.

    Thank you for your interest.


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    i can do this for you.
    I've designed many different trains (mainly N Gauge).
    For some of my works please visit my shop and my website:


    I can sent you some more pictures of printed models as i get back from my holiday (i am in South Korea right now).

    Please contact me per Email and we can discuss the details.

    Kind regards,
    Kas Michorius
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