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  1. ajman098
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    Hey all, first time poster. New to all this so any help is appreciated.

    I've designed a rabbit pendant for that special someone as a Christmas gift. I'm trying to tell if it would print well in Sterling Silver.

    Shapeways Page

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    I should probably mention that the heavy gridlines are 1cm and the lights are 1mm. The overall model ends up being about 2.3cm x 1cm. My biggest concern is the depth of the heart (1mm at deepest) and the ring hole in the ear. Given the order wait and deliver times, I feel like I have one shot at this.
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    It looks good to me, thought I would check the guidelines here, paying particular attention to the embossing guideline:

    Designing details must not jut out too much, or have deep engravings
    Engraved details must not be too deep, and embossed details must not be too tall. The width of your detail must be the same more greater than how far it juts out from the surface (or sinks in for engraving). Engraved details that are too deep will cause issues when casting. Embossed details that are too tall are more likely to chip and break during production (unless the detail meets the minimum wall requirements).


    How deep is the embossing of the heart and the letters on the back?

    As long as they are 0.3mm minimum they should be fine.

    Looks great!