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    Needed: quote for prototype game pieces. The pieces are pawns and the standard game set has simple, people pawns that are one piece, half inch round cylinders with a half inch sphere affixed on top. There are no legs or arms. The game's landing spaces are 5/8 inch by 2.25 inches, bounded by a wide solid line. So four pawns fit on a space.

    The standard set contains four sets of four colored pawns.

    The deluxe set will contain 6 sets of four colored pawns.
    Red with cowboy hat.
    Black with top hat.
    Green with newsboy cap.
    Blue with baseball cap.
    Yellow with floppy ladies hat.
    Pink with a pillbox hat.

    Crude sketches are available.

    The hats will be part of the pawn, certainly not removable. Since the pawns have a sex, it is necessary to have a selection in each game set, hence the deluxe game has choices available. The game is played by 2, 3, or 4 people.

    The game should own the designs.

    I would like a quote for three sets of the six prototypes. These prototypes can be white.

    The pricing need is current, however it is likely the order for the prototype pieces will not be requested for until the summer.

    Thanks, Ross Phifer
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