Quid Pro Quo. Seeking Visionary Designers For Our Porcelain Casting Co.

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  1. We have developed a breakthrough technology for casting true high-fire, (decorative and functional) porcelain objects in rubber molds. We are the only company in the world that can do this.

    Our goal is to evolve our young company by producing stunning decorative and functional objects that will stun the buying public. And at the same time giving exposure to the work of great modern designers.

    What we would like is for designers to submit their designs to us and once we come to terms we will produce the design in porcelain and make it available in the market place. In exchange the designer will receive a mutually agreed upon percentage of the profit of each cast sold. We are very much about WIN / WIN.

    Have a look at our website to see the sorts of things we are capable of producing. We are totally open to Style - as long as it is stunning and desirable to an upscale marketplace. Such things as vases, Christmas ornaments, tableware, lighting fixtures, chess pieces, etc.

    Important to keep in mind that the design MUST be moldable. For example, a design within a design within a design that can only be formed via 3D printing would not work for us. Shapeways' client Bathsheba's 3D print '120-CELL' is a perfect example of what CANNOT be molded. In essence, Shapeways would print out a master model of the design and you would have it mailed to us to mold over.

    Please email us your copyrighted designs to PRCeramics@aol.com and we will be in touch with you.

    Thanks so much. We are excited by the potential of bringing stunning designs into the world utilizing the highly respected medium of high-fire traditional porcelain.
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