Quick Help With To Thin Walls, How Should I Remodel?

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  1. Careofsprouts
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    Hey guys,

    So my model uploaded correctly and I placed an order.
    But then I got an e-mail saying that the walls of my model where to thin.
    In my CAD-drawing and stl-file I requested 2 mm thickness.
    I'm a bit confused on what the x, y, z-values are showing, because they aren't the same measurements as my CAD-file/stl.file.
    I've ordered the product in polished silver. And the "red flag e-mail" says the walls needs to be at least 0,8mm thick.


    Please have a look at my model.
    Any input on how I should remodel?
    Skärmavbild 2019-01-23 kl. 09.57.22.JPG
  2. mkroeker
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    Make sure that the "export units" in your CAD software match what you picked on upload - but there is probably something wrong with your drawing already as I do not see a common factor in the distortions (your 80mm is 19.8 according to the bounding box, the 25 has become 3.3 and the thickness is 0.24 rather than 2)
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    Ø 80mm Silver ...ehmm...

    File attached



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  4. Careofsprouts
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    Thanks for your reply.
    And of course I apologize... my bad. I started messing around with the model and tried scaling it. But since I'm such a rookie, I unfortunately saved that version... meaning you looked at an updated/saved model that of course is wrong.

    I also ordered a "medium" and a "large" model as well. The medium model got the same issue with "too thin walls". (The large model has at this point not gotten a red flag.) Since I haven't tampered with the scale on this one, aybe you could have quick look at this one instead?

    The difference between the small model and the medium model is the size of the round hole.
    Any input on this one? What's wrong? For the medium model I've ordered polished brass. And that also need a thickness of at least 0.8mm.

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  5. mkroeker
    mkroeker Well-Known Member
    Same problem with weird dimensions 16.1 vs 80, 2.69 vs 25 and again a thickness of .24 (click on the red model to see thickness at that point displayed on the thermometer-like scale)
  6. Careofsprouts
    Careofsprouts Member
    Hugh!?! Weird. I've used a Swedish 3D-model maker and he printed the models in acrylic plastic with the exakt same models that I've uploaded. He created the CAD-files and the stl.files.

    And the quote for my order for the small model in silver was 21 dollars.
    I'm so confused.
    Are the measurements in the wrong "order"?

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  7. mkroeker
    mkroeker Well-Known Member
    Either the Swede rescaled your model to match your description of what you wanted, or the files you sent him were different. netfabb studio basic shows basically the same bounding box for small.stl - 16.13mm x 16.13mm x 2.69 mm which is just 0.04 ccm of silver rather than the ~10 ccm of the model at the intended scale.