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    I'm short on cash and time but would like to have this ring modeled up...need to see what it looks like in 3D.


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    I sat down just to bang this out (had an extra 5 mins during my lunch break) but there look to be a few issues with your sketch.

    The ID and OD, plus 2x the thickness of the ring itself, do not add up. I would assume the ID is the important dimension..?

    The 5.7mmD recess in the ring... From the sketch it looks to have a rounded bottom (matches the inside curve) vs having a flat bottom.

    What is the 5.5mmD form? Given its total height of 1.58mm, the two inset details at 1mm and .5mm leave just .08mm in between. Additionally, in the front view of that same piece, it appears to have a hole recessed from the top though that is not indicated in the top view. Either that or the 1mm indicates the top of the circular forms though that makes them .16mm in diameter.

    The 5.5mmD form could benefit from a little larger sketch and one more view, potentially, without identifying round elements. If you could clarify any of those things, I could get this model finished in 5 minutes. Just for kicks. Cheers.

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