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  1. skatersollie
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    Do you guys verify your own items before putting it up for sale? When I upload my models they pass the preliminary checks..then it goes to the printing process and the gets declined.. think most likely this has to do with the wall thickness for different materials. Like the plastics only require 1mm, but for ceramics its 3mm. So when I try to order in ceramics the printing gets declined. Does anyone find this to be a problem? I find that selling items that don't pass checks is very unprofessional in my opinion... The issue is that if an order is made for multiple items then one item passes then it's printed and the others are canceled... and there is no option to print as a all or nothing...Right now I have not placed any items for sale in the marketplace rather that I am checking to see if items can be printed..and there is no way for me to check every item i would put up for sale because of the hefty cost. Again if i just used white plastics then not an issue... Anyone have thoughts on this issue?
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  2. stop4stuff
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    Gernerally, I'll design my models with a material in mind, for example,

    Twin Rail Mobius Pendant was designed for stainless, (and also works in plastics) whereas
    Twin Rail Mobius Pendant 0.66 is a 2/3 scale version for being printed in Silver (I also ordered it in stainless just to find out if it is printable), production has started, but the steel one might still get rejected as it does break all the main steel rules. For me its not an issue as I know I'm bending the rules, but hey, if it works, it works :)

    Its also good to order in your models for pictures & movie to show off your model.

    If you want to be sure about your model printing first time, study the design rules for the material you want to design for, then use NetFabb Basic to double check all your measurements and wall thicknesses. Generally as long as your model follows the rules then it will print.

  3. Jettuh
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    Same like Stop4Stuff!

    My models are made for a particular material.
    Some of my models are made for WSF, but FUD is active as well as I know that this material will work.

    And I always order my model before putting it public and for sale (unless i'm 100% sure it will come out fine)
  4. cbfasi
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    Everything I have for sale in My shop has been printed, although its not garantee they will print again as I have found out.

    it seems as though in the last few months quality control changed and I have had a couple of failures, although now fixed it did annoy the customer and also put them off buying them due to another shipping charge for what would be the re-order.