Questions about WSF vs WSF Polished

Discussion in 'Finishing Techniques' started by gordonrobb, May 17, 2012.

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    I am making a model of my daughter and her (soon to be ) Husband for the top of their wedding cake. I have only tested by getting a print of a head that is the right size (the model will only be 150 mm so the head was tiny). I have noticed that a lot of the details on the head are not showing up, but can't really afford to go for the more detailed options. My intention would be to finish the surface and the paint.

    My question is that if I use WSF polished will even more of the detail be gone? (Eyes, lips for example) as it tumbles the print.

    Also, if I decide to work with the WSF, am I right in the assumption I am best using some spray on sealant/lacquer that I then sand off, to get teh surface smooth?

    Any help would be apprecieated, I have poured over most of the threads, but wanted a comparison between WSF and WSF polished regarding details.
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    With the polishing you will lose some detail. What about making the more detailed parts out of FUD, and making the bulk less detailed areas WSF?

    P.S. moved to post production techniques as you'll get help for sealing WSF. The Instruction page is more for instructions how to assemble certain 3D printed items in shops.
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  3. gordonrobb
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    Thanks. I got a sample head (thatsnthenright size) printed in polished and what you lose in detail is more than gained in smoothness. I might try pricing it in FUD though just to see the difference thanks.