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    Hey guys!

    This is the first time I'm considering printing something.

    Actually I am considering two models but first I want to try with only one small prop.

    Now, the models are done in Zbrush and they are from a few hundred polys up to a few millions.

    I'm really confused about how to go about getting the models ready for printing. Does any one know where I can find really good info about how to use the 3d printing plug in from Zbrush? Or is there another program where I could make my object properly waterproofed and check for wholes?

    Here is the model (prop) I'm talking about:

    Any help would be very much appreciated ...

    P.s: I know how to read and I've found many good sources but I want to actually talk with people who done it before and tell me how everything worked for them and what I should be aware of.

    Hope is ok!

    Thanks for your patience!