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    I uploaded a model and saw the pricing for its current size in stainless steel was around 80 dollars, and I thought, okay, that's cool, so I slightly increased the models size, hoping to get it a little big bigger and printed in steel to catch the detail, and it went from being around 80 dollars, to over 720. Why did it jump the price like crazy when I barely increased the size?
    I thought it would bump up to around 100 dollars, but definitely not that much.

    Any input on this would be helpful. Thanks.
  2. stop4stuff
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    How much bigger did you make the model?
    Two times the size = 8 times the volume & price.

    Was the first model hollow & the second not hollow?

    Did you upload the model in the units of measument you designed for? (this seems less likely as the price would've increased by a factor of ~16400 between mm & in)

    And the last possibility that I can think of, if the models comprise of multiple shells, with some of the shell sharing the exact same geometry and virtual co-ordinates weird things can happen and bt of the model left out or made solid when they should be hollow.