Question regarding printing small parts

Discussion in 'Technologies and Hardware' started by dsherratt74, Feb 7, 2011.

  1. dsherratt74
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    I'm currently working on a new mech model. which I hope all things being equal, to print out in white detail. Like the other mechs I've done it's a multi-part miniature and I'm a little worried about a part of it.

    Unlike my others I want to have the feet in two peices, the main foot and the front toe. I'm concerned the toes may be too small individualy for the printers to handle. So I was wondering does the minimum size listed in the materials page apply to each part of the model, I assume it does but I would apprecate some clarification on this.

    The picture below shows the two parts so you can see what I mean about the size.


    Cheers for any help in advance.

  2. Youknowwho4eva
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    The problem would be finding the part after the print, cleaning it, and packaging it without losing anything. Some people connect it with a sprue (much like a model kit) that you cut off when you get it. So parts don't get lost.
  3. dsherratt74
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    Yeah I thought that might be a way round the problem.

    Given the number of small parts I've ended up making for this model it's the only way to go about it I suppose. So now i've finished the model itself I've gone and made a sprue for all of them.

    I've just ordered it, can't wait to get it. I just hope it looks half as good as the CG render when it arrives.