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  1. SGDesigns
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    I understand that the minimum hole size is 4mm and if there are several escape holes then the minimum hole size is 2mm. From what I understand, that part of the design rule is for hollow models. What if the model is not hollow, but solid and has a vertical hole going through the middle. Can I design a silver bead with a 1mm vertical hole going down the middle? This bead will be solid.

  2. Bathsheba
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    I bet that'd be tight...I wouldn't give much for its chances if the hole is more than a couple mm long.

    If the hole you need is straight, can you drill it out as a postprocess?
  3. BillBedford
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    That should work if the hole is straight. In another life, I have cast hinges for small lockets with 1mm holes.

    If you are talking about your sapphire ring, you can't make the shank hollow because there is no way of clearing the casting investment from the inside of the shank.
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  4. SGDesigns
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    Thanks guys. I haven't considered manually drilling it, That'll work.

    This is for a small bead I was commissioned, the sapphire ring I will keep solid. I try to keep my ring shanks a minimum of 2mm thick, just a preference.

    Thanks again Bathsheba and BillBedford.

  5. SGDesigns
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    Yeah, this is for silver jewelry beads/earrings.

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