Question On Metal Shrinkage

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shrinkage in metal %?

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  1. Hello people. I have no know how in the 3D printing world. I have had a shrinkage problem before when ordering a part part in copper that had to fit an existing part (this was from i.competitive ) so before I start printing parts that I have ready scanned and designed (by a friend) I would like to ask the comunity what percentage of shrinkage should I expect when printing metals from shapeways? I'll be printing in bronze,brass,silver and matt black steel. but others possibly. I need to find out if parts are measured to be the correct size before printing or if I have to adjust the file to account for shrinkage and how much shrinkage is there for different materials...

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  2. platonicgems
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    Hi Stefano,
    Go to the Materials Guide page, select a metal you are interested in and navigate to the DESIGN GUIDELINES. You'll find all the necessary info. Example: Silver
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