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  1. kolo
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    For the material "White Detail" and "White, Strong & flexible" the minimum detail is 0.2mm. Does that means that the "extrude” in the picture bellow would print correctly (it is 0.2mm in diameter and 0.2mm high)? What about the “cut” (which also is 0.2mm wide and 0.2mm deep)?

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  2. joris
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    The extrude or details on the extrude would come out to 0.2mm so they would work. However the minimum wall thickness of the White Detail material is 1mm so this means that the part itself will not get past our filters.

  3. kolo
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    Thanks for the clarification Joris.

    Some more “printing” questions:

    The holes in the picture bellow are drawn with different diameter (0.3, 0.5 and 1mm), the thickness of the “part” is 1.5mm and the holes are thought to go through the whole part (1.5mm). Will this work (in White Detail) or will some of the hole not be printable (i.e. the 0.3mm one)?



  4. kolo
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    While I’m one it: This picture shows two “extrudes” with different dimensions. How will they work in White Detail (I know the first one is only 0.15mm high and that one should maybe not work)?

    Once again, Joris thanks for your help, if I can get this right you will soon have an order.