Question about game pieces (Settlers of Catan)

Discussion in 'Newcomers Lounge' started by Selaznog, Sep 29, 2012.

  1. Selaznog
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    Hey guys, I'm new here. I was planning on making some Settlers of Catan 3D pieces, and I was wondering how well they would snap together...For instance, the pieces will be able to connect, but I dont want effort required (like lego). I want it to be so I just drop it in and it fits, know what I mean?

    I'm also having a tough time choosing the material, because the only one that's multicoloured is that rough sandstone one and I'm not sure how durable that would be for game pieces.

    Any advice would be awesome. Thanks!
  2. Dragoman
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    How easy pieces can lock up would depend very much on the design. First off, check the material description pages here at Shapeways, they specify minimum thinkness, allowable gaps, and what tolerances they have. Also, similar subjects have been variously discussed in the forums,

    Full color sandstone is plaster bound with superglue, so it is fairly sturdy, including the colours if you varnish it. It should survive normal gamies handling, though perhaps not dropping the item on a hard floor. Also, it is not flexible, so I don't know how well it will take to your purpose of locking pieces together.

    Note that the colour of FCS is water-soluble, so don't use water-based varnish! Again, check the forums.

  3. tysonlee
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    There is only one object at the moment (shipped last week), a pencil holder formed by the first 500 digits of Pi coiled on a spiral, but I have many projects underway : decorative objects, desk accessories, phone cases...