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  1. irokrhus
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    Hello, I'm an experienced modeler, but new to 3d printing. My friend recommended this website for 3d printing, but my question is, if someone know what is the level of detail while printing off for e.g. a ring in some other material than plastic, or other jewelery. It is only an example. If someone have that knowledge to fill my information gaps, I would be appreciated.

    Below I attach a simple example of good level of detail (in my opinion)
    What do you think the shapeways printers would be possible to print something like this off with almost the same level of detail?


    Mieszko Lacinski

  2. wiwa
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    Hi Mieszko

    That looks like something that will be do-able either in Silver, or Frosted ultra detail plastics. Although the image doesn't have an indicator of scale, so I can't be sure. But as long as the embossed / embedded details have about 1:1 aspect ratio, and above 0.25mm in size, they will work fine.