Quaturnery Qube puzzle

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  1. richgain
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    I have wanted to experiment with hollow cubes for some time now and this is my very first test print of a new design.
    I was thrilled by the result which worked perfectly on every level - aesthetics, function, fit and friction.

    Quaturnery Qube is another 4x4x4 interlocking cube puzzle but at 4cm across this is the largest puzzle I have printed so far. By making the inside of each cubelet hollow I have managed to keep the price at a comparable and very affordable level.

    All of my other designs are exported from Burr Tools with an offset of about 0.1 mm but because the design is naturally springy I took a gamble and chose to print these pieces with zero tolerance. And it paid off. The fit feels nice and smooth, the pieces are easy to move, but don't fall out on their own.

    I love the CurlyCornerCube design that I built in TopMod and which gives the finished cube an interesting surface texture; something that my other puzzles don't have.
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    I love this cube! Fantastic design.
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    Nice indeed. And good to know zero tolerance works, people are usually quite lazy to report such small interesting technical details.
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    Very nice indeed :D
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