Quark Jewelry

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    **** yeah! It arrived!
    My first 3d printing web app is live :D

    Discover your own Quark Jewelry.
    Quark New.jpg

    Based on my earlier Quark Jewelry project.

    Powered by the awesome new platform Mixee Labs from Mixee Me fame.

    Printed by the ever so brilliant Shapeways :)

    Small gallery on Shapeways:

    But by all means go forth and remix straight from:

    Background info: http://blog.virtox.net/ and http://mixeelabs.tumblr.com/

    We are super-excited as the possibilities are now infinity-squared! :D

    Also interesting for all you other designers out there, read up, you will like it!!



  2. virtox
    virtox Active Member Moderator