QR-code - jewelry with a secret message

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    Cufflinks, finger rings and earrings in sterling silver with a hidden, secret message.


    • http://www.shapeways.com/model/776743/QR-code - jewelry with a secret message.html


    The perfectly valid QR-code hides a piece of text, an internet address or any other short message type which can be stored in a QR-code. We can add a simple image or logo to the code without compromising its validity.

    The unique QR-tops can be produced by Shapeways, and after that, we blacken the engraved pixels of the code and mount the top on its support to form a pair of cufflinks, a finger ring or a pair of earrings.

    • The base for the finger ring is available in 7 sizes and 10 different colors.
    • The earrings can be mounted on nickel-free pins or earclips.

    Due to limitations of the Shapeways shop system and the necessary post-processing steps, the items cannot be ordered on the store. Please contact us directly to arrange for your personal QR message and other options:

    • http://www.kontorapart.de

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