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    Flip Key (V4) for Nissan Qashqai


    • Parts needed:
    • Original Qashqai key
    • Top Shell
    • Bottom Shell
    • Flip key mechanics with uncut blade

    Original Qashqai key:
    You already have this key, and it is the reason you are reading this page ;)

    You can buy shell here at shapeways:

    Top Shell

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    Flip Key mechanics with virgin blade
    I have not found where to buy online only flip key mechanism. It is then necessary to buy a completely flip key as the necessary parts. We will use the screws, flip body, flip button and spring.
    The key, however, is quite comprehensive economic (a ten €). Do a search on ebay with the following words: "Nissan flip key"
    The key to buy must have one of this shapes:
    if u want to be sure it is compatible send me a PM with the link to the flip key you found and i will confirm about his compatibility.

    Assembly instructions:

    File PDF:
    (this instruction are related about my first version, but the procedure is the same) me=true&srcid=0B4C5irIVLNtGYTQ4Mzk2NTUtYTU0OS00YmI2LWJhN mMtNjE5YjM3ODJlNTM3&hl=en

    Video instructions:

    Cutting the virgin blade
    incisione chiave.jpg
    The virgin key that comes with ebay shell will be probably 4 mm longer than the orginal key.
    V4 shells are modelled for original key dimensions so when you go to cut the virgin key at a shop you must tell to the operator to respect original size.

    The material to remove is marked by red in the above image.

    It is a quite simple work to do, just be sure to allign the virgin key sockets marked in orange with the ones that are in the original key.

    Surface Finishing:

    Material: White Strong & Flexible

    With this material there is some steps due to the printing tecnique. With Black Strong & Flexible this steps are not presents.

    To make it smoth i just used sandpaper. 5 minutes of work:

    To paint the shell i decided to use spray color (RAL 9006).

    This material is quite porous so i had to spray 3/4 times before it stop to absorb and start to get smoth.
    [​IMG] (this is no finished yet)

    When finished i will ad a coat of transparent paint to protect it from scratch.

    I just made some experiment with heat resistant paint, here the result that is pretty cool:
    [​IMG] [​IMG]
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    Wow. Nice tutorial. I was thinking about doing similar with my Honda Civic key.
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    very nice tutorial!
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    Thanks ! :D
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    New picture:
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    I have just ordered the shell, but I have some questions.

    Are the screws included? In case they are not, what kind of screws should I get?

    How difficult is to extract the electronics from the original key? could you add some picturers or video?

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    Screw are included with the mechanics,

    Extracting the electronics from original key is easy as change the battery.

    Did you read the instruction over here ?

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    Yes, I watched to the videos and read the assembly instructions that you provided in the post.

    I was just curious about the way to extract the electronics from the original key.

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    This key mechanics is NOT compatible with my shells.


    Uploaded with
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    Usually the screws you need to join the sheels comes with the mechanincs that need to be bought as seen in the instructions page. I usually sugges, if more screew are needed to come in an hardware store with them and buy similar ones.

    In terms of kind of screews any one like: Triangular self tapping screws.

    Definition in wikipedia says: Other screw threads are designed to cut a helical groove in a softer material as the screw is inserted .

    Head of screew should be "button" type or "flat" type.
    Lenght anything betwen: 5 and 8 mm

    I do suggest "Phillips" type of socket, but any type is ok as soon as you own the proper screewdriver.

    Diameter of the treadh is like 2 mm, but could be little more, the material is kinda elastic.

    Hope this helps.