Python Api Parameter - For Sale, Or Not For Sale

Discussion in 'Shapeways API' started by meikltest, Oct 26, 2019.

  1. meikltest
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    Hi all,

    new to the API and also not a developer per education, but playing around and try to learn.

    Ok, so my question is hopefully simple for those of you familiar with the Python API:

    When I upload a local stl file via POST, it all seems fine: code is running through, links are generated, model is there. As I would like to sell it, I set the parameter "isForSale" to "1". I thought this would have an effect on the model that I access via the public link, but there it still says "Not For Sale".

    Can someone tell me whether I miss something here?



  2. stonysmith
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    Did you includea set of materials, and set their prices?

    "markup":0, #i believe this is no longer used
    "price":4 #set the total price for the item.
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  3. meikltest
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    I did now, and it worked! Got the pricing and the option to buy. Thanks a lot for your fast reply! :)