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    i'm having difficulty understanding what the settings and check boxes mean. also, i can't tell what or if they are doing anything.

    of particular concern is showing the model. it appears on my edit page, but, I can't tell what it looks like when published. I can't tell if it's an option or not.

    I uploaded a project, and can't find it when I log out and search. I can't tell what it looks like published.

    Model availability to all
    3d part download to all
    Model view state

    what do these mean?
    Model availability to all - anyone can download it? I don't want that
    3d part download to all - how is this different than model availability to all?
    Model view state - who is this for? the creator or the public? i can't tell so I don't know what/how to select options.

    I wish there were a "this is what happens when you select this option" page/faq.

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    If you consider your project to be the model, everything can be made clear. A 'model' is a physical print of your 3d file.

    Model availability to all
    - unchecked, the model is only available to you and will not be displayed in the gallery.
    - checked, the model is avilable to all to view, buy or not see depending upon the model view state.

    3d part download to all
    - unchecked, the 3d file you uploaded remains hidden.
    - checked, the 3d file you uploaded can be downloaded by anyone.

    Model view state
    - Show only, the model is visable to all, included in the gallery, but only you can buy it.
    - Show and allow ordering, the model is visable to all, included in the gallery and anyone can buy it.
    - Hidden, this sets up a coded url that you can share, only those who have the coded url can view or buy the model. Your model is not included in the gallery. You must have the Model view state checked for this option to work.

    You will need to click 'Save' at the bottom of the right hand panel for the changes to be set, and for the hidden url, you will need to head back to your design and reload the model page to be able to copy the coded url from the browser address bar.

    Hope this clears things up for you,

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