Put The "cancel Order" Button Back!

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    There used to be a big "cancel order" button you could press on any order that was still processing. Very useful if you placed an order and then realized quickly that you'd sent it to the wrong address, got the wrong size, meant to include another piece, etc.

    Now I've just placed the wrong order and, despite catching it within SECONDS, I have to wait and hope that Customer Service sees my email to them before my order is pre-processed. If this wrong order isn't cancelled, it's entirely the fault of this bad website change and a slow / bogged down Customer Service team (who I'm sure are overworked right now anyway.)

    You can't convince me the button was causing problems for Shapeways before, because it would go away once anything entered pre-production, so it would only work for a very short grace period!

    Put the button back!
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