Proud Wolf Wal-mounted Sculpture

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    Hi Shapeways and Designers! I updated my sculpture of the wolf head faux taxidermy which may decorate the wall in your room.
    Digital model was updated and improved, several size options were added (15, 30, 50 cm). Now the wolf looks just great, like a living.
    Yes, i printed it out with my oun 3d printer, but i think Shapeways will cope with this task no worse.
    No Animals Were Harmed in the Making of This :)))
    Here is the Shapeways shop link and here is my own site (still under construction) where i sell copies of wolf in resin i make through resin casting.
    Just look at photos below:

    wolf-head-faux-taxidermy-wall-mount-sculpture-01.jpg wolf-head-faux-taxidermy-wall-mount-sculpture-02.jpg wolf-head-faux-taxidermy-wall-mount-sculpture-03.jpg wolf-head-faux-taxidermy-wall-mount-sculpture-05.jpg wolf-head-faux-taxidermy-wall-mount-sculpture-color-06.jpg

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