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Discussion in 'Customer Service' started by randomblink, Aug 28, 2009.

  1. randomblink
    randomblink New Member
    Has anyone come up with a solution to the $25 minimum on the buying for working on small pieces?

    For instance, I'm wanting to do some Lego Minifigure Custom pieces but I really need to test whether my Lego Minifig Bodyparts are actually scaled correctly before I make any customization to my models. Well, I can't just order one minifig head, because that's a $0.73 model?! So I'm kinda stymied?!

    I can't start modeling custom weapons and headgear and body gear for the minifigs until I know the models I have for the minifigs are to scale... but I can't get them to scale until I order a full minifig which would come to roughly $3.00 all together?!

    Ugh! Frustrated.

    I'm not giving up mind you, but this kinda sucks. There should be some way to more easily deal with these situations, so here is my plea to the community. What do YOU do?

    To the guys that WORK at Shapeways? I would even be happy if you could print out a minifig from the pieces I upload and compare them FOR me, rather than me spend $25 for $3.00 worth of models... I just need to see that the minifig models I have are scaled / sized equally with the authentic Lego minifigs.

    Then I could start custom building new items.


    ( edit: When I said that I would be happy if you could print out a minifig from my models FOR me? I meant I would pay for them, then maybe you could just add them to my first $25 sized order down the line? You print them now, test them for me, then add them to a later order once I start customization. )
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  2. randomblink
    randomblink New Member
    Group Ordering?
    - Just had an idea... if any other USA members wanted to order a small piece or two, but have held off because of the $25 minimum? Maybe we could band together, PayPal money to a 'buyer' then that buyer could distribute the pieces to where they belong?

    Just a thought...
  3. pete
    pete Shapeways Employee CEO & Co-Founder
    Hey Randomblick,

    what would you want us to compare the models to? Is size the problem? If done correctly you get exactly the size you want. By done correctly I mean you can check in your software and you choose the right scaling when uploading the STL.

    best regards,

  4. Youknowwho4eva
    Youknowwho4eva Shapeways Employee Community Team
    I do have a $7.71 item I was thinking of ordering (of course I'd have to other stuff as well. I was thinking of making it bigger and better first before purchasing.
  5. ianmarvin
    ianmarvin New Member
    What software are you using? I would be happy to import your model into SW and measure it for you, if you are worried about the size it would turn out. I'd need it as STL and also I'd need to know what units you were using.

    Meshlab, which is free, has a measuring tool that you may or may not find useful.
  6. randomblink
    randomblink New Member
    Sorry for the delay in response...

    I use 3DS Max 2010.
    I have set the measurements to milimeters.

    According to the measurements it SHOULD be perfect.
    However... I might have gotten the wrong measurements on the model altogether?

    I'm trying to start doing some custom Lego design. This requires perfect spacing, shaping, etc. I need to print out a Lego Minifig Head and try on headgear from an authentic Lego piece. If it fits? Then I can design my own head gear and just make sure they all fit my 3DS Model. But if it DOESN'T fit? Then I have to edit and reorder and try again. For a piece that is only $0.72 to print... it's frustrating!

    I'll have to wait till this weekend to get something uploaded for others to try out.

    My night is full, tomorrow is full, and friday starts a 4-day weekend. I'll try to dump a piece up here as soon as I can... thanks everyone...

  7. clintbellanger
    clintbellanger New Member
    I usually wait until I have enough prototypes ready to fill a $25 order.

    Sometimes I'll want a few more of an older model, so orders will be mixes of new prototypes and other final models.

    Finally I started making a wish-list of stuff I want from other shops. Last time I picked up a Minotaur to round out my order: .html
  8. Youknowwho4eva
    Youknowwho4eva Shapeways Employee Community Team
    Where abouts do you live in the US of A? I maybe ordering some stuff soon
  9. randomblink
    randomblink New Member
    Jenks, Oklahoma. I would even be happy to pay you via paypal, since my piece would be $0.72 + $0.35 stamp for an envelope. (Lego Minifig Head)

    oh, and of course whatever you thought would be fair for covering my part of the Shapeways shipping cost...

    Course if you're serious, I might just drop a few more pieces up for a grand total of $3.00 worth of items... all small enough to fit in a regular envelope with a regular stamp...

    Let me know...