Prompting for second login on Parts Database

Discussion in 'Bug Reporting' started by dadrummond, Nov 1, 2009.

  1. dadrummond
    dadrummond Member
    When I'm logged in, and visit the 3D Parts Database from the homepage link, I'm told, "You need to be logged in to download the 3Dparts. Click here to log in." First, the site isn't correctly detecting whether I'm logged in. Second, when I do click the "log in" link, I'm taken to a page with the title "Log in" but no actual place to put in login information. Bug!
  2. arno
    arno New Member

    Hmmm, I see that this page is not that user centered as it should.

    What happens here is that the text 'you need to log in to download 3d parts' is displayed always. There is no detection there.

    But ... the detection is present in the login screen. So when you, being logged in, go the login screen it shows blank, as you are already done logging in.

    So, no worries, you can download the parts. I'll ask our developers to have the 'you need to log in' statement can be made dependent on your login state so there is no confusion anymore ;)

    Kind regards, Arno
  3. dadrummond
    dadrummond Member
    Thanks. You might also consider having the login page say, "You are currently logged in as <username>" when you visit it while logged in.
  4. bluelinegecko
    bluelinegecko Well-Known Member
    It looks like this is still screwed up. I can see no way to access the actual database while I am logged in. Anytime I click on a link to the database I get bounced back to the login page event though I am already logged in. I've tried with Google Chrome and IE9.